Saturday, May 26, 2012


The trip with family is always the best time to have. Not forgetting to take some snapshots at the same time.

yes yes, it was my sis's convocation trip to Penang

It's a very simple and meaningful trip, together with my family. There isn't many photos regarding my family, just to keep it a little more private :)


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Of numbers

Street shooting is always an exciting agenda no matter when or where it it. There's just so much to be seen and captured, moments after moments. But the criteria is that you have to really SEE. Some people might say that ah, this place has nothing to shoot, it's a boring place bla bla bla... but the truth is, unless you really SEE with your heart and mind, you'll never find it. There's just too much to learn from the streets, so much of spontaneity and decisive moments which is much more captivating than anything else. One has to have compassion towards the subject that you're shooting. Enough with the crap, let's get into some of the photos that I've taken days ago.

Of number three

Of number three #2

Of number three #3

Of number three #4

Of number three #5

Of number three #6

These are some of the photos I've taken the other day at Masjid Jamek area and also KLCC. These are the composition of number three, where I find subjects in relation to three. It's just a very simple agenda in mind when I went out shooting. Some came out intentionally, some were unintentional. All in all, I liked what I've got, hope you guys do too!