Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Street shooting

on the way to Klang, this uncle was sitting right beside me

one of the long stalls at Sentosa, Petaling Jaya.



Father and Son, human and shadow

He's getting close to the casket each passing day

speaking of empty language

He was raiding the place, asking these hawkers to leave, but after a while, they are back to business!

Asking for direction


Christmas & Chinese New Year

one of the colour photographs that I really love, shot during Thaipusam celebration

Well, these are some of the photos that I've selected over a year of shooting, not the best, but from what I know, these are some of the shots that I think has some specialty in it. Life is right out your front door, life is not just to update your facebook or twitter status but something more. I'm craving for these actions in the city and small places, streets, wherever I could find a photo opportunity, I grab it. This is street photography, this is a way of life. Every picture tells a thousand words, I only ask for a few, that can best describe the picture, and that's enough.

I prefer non-scripted, non-staged photographs, because that best describe what happens. Over the course of one year shooting the street, I found out that, my eyes improved in looking at things that interests me, catching the otherwise gone moments and getting closer to people. I'm still in the process of getting nearer and making more interesting photographs.

Cheers, have a great journey ahead!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My hometown Sibu

The Cover : Sibu . My Home

The street in front of my house

My aunty's old office

the jetty, overlooked by the Dua Pek Kong Temple

Overview of the small town from a skybridge

temple, church, just around the corner

old boat, still doing business after decades

Classic peca here in Sibu

A place/country/town or whatever you'd like to call, is defined by its people and the culture they share and believed in. I try to put some of them into the form of pictures. When we are in a place long enough, it seems like we don't really appreciate what is there anymore. Everytime when I am back to my hometown, I will try to recall the places and people that i've missed and try to capture them. Sometimes I will just shoot the same place as it never stops surprising me. The street. This is to make sure everything will be recorded and when once it's all gone, the picture stays and immortalize these little details.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Little James

his innocence will probably melt your heart

Happy feet

trying to grab the camera

This is little James, my cousin. This is one of the spontaneous shootout I had with him. Cute little guy, sitting in the rocking chair from the 80s or probably 70s. It was fun and he's just so adorable.


lil J and granny




I was back in Sibu just three weeks ago and got the chance to take some shots for this little J here. After three months, he has grown quite a lot and something still remains...naughtiness...yes, that's what every little toddlers should possess! The curiosity towards life and everything that gets in their way!