Friday, June 1, 2012

back at home

Well, it's always an interval of three months before I'm back at my lovely hometown miles and miles away divided by the south china sea in between west and east of M'sia. This time round I have only a week to spend and of course, I cannot waste this opportunity to document the old streets back there. 

hardworkers under the sun

I'm experimenting new shooting style and technique or whatever you'd like to call it with the streets. It's really self-enriching and inspiring to shoot something different back in Sibu rather than the same old things that has been done by thousands and thousands of photographer out there(exaggerated). 


I'm trying not to get too many street portraits, but rather the un-posed moments that is on-going on the streets. These are memorable moments to me.

smokin ace

my favourite umbrella shot

muslim food

becareful with the head


Am still trying hard to develop my own skills and style or whatever you'd like to name it :P 

Cheers! :)