Thursday, March 29, 2012

UTAR carnival

It's always sweet to have these bunch of kids around

Not much chance to take their pictures, they waved well

It would be nicer without those cars in the background

Candle light for the earth hour 

The sausage guy at the back, he's hilarious

the rapist of tonight, oops, he's a rapper, Hustler, way to go

A really good friend, you will always see a smile on her face

one of the song is wrote by him, not bad though

Not forgetting these people behind the scene

The humble magician of the night, great performance, keep that up Edison

Well, it's not really a huge carnival but it's done by students of my university. There's performances and tonnes of Contors or whatever you call it for you to eat and it's free. Performances wise is quite alright except some which I can't really get it. They just need more practice that's all. Till next time, peace.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stay on your own feet

In photography world these days, there's overwhelming number of people with expensive gears and taking extremely similar photographs. From what I've seen, there's always group model shoot (which I dislike the most), group photo taking of a particular same subject, whole bunch of people walking on the same street with the same shirt and taking photos on the street. Well, it's not to say we cannot do that, but in order to have your own stand and own style, you have to go alone. Photography is something very personal. (These are all my own opinion)

That's why, I choose to shoot street, to shoot alone more, because I can have my own view, my own style, and stay quiet and unobtrusive(as much as possible). Street have too much to learn, a lot of creativity involved, I can be more creative and always staying alert of what's happening around, in order to stay different from typical-ism. There's always new things coming up and therefore we have to stand firm and not letting the typical and cliches pull us away.

Well, you could call me extremist or anyway you like it. But there's something about this field that I could never let it go away. It's too special and too intimate for me to do so.

While waiting for the green

The worker amongst the crowd

Cheers & Peace
Shoot less and more

Sunday, March 18, 2012

In Love & War

There's too much running around and asses(assignments) to chase this few weeks. Hecticness, busy-ness or whatever -ness you like to call it, haunt my life like nobody's business. But still, it won't stop me from watching videos about photography, photojournalism and stuff cause it always calms me down a little.

Having to said that, I've just got myself to finish a documentary about the legendary war photographer, Robert Capa. Even if you do not know him, you migh've heard his quote saying that "If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough". Anyways, the documentary is about the life and death of this artist, with the title "In Love and War" which was produced in 2002. It was indeed inspiring and sad at the same time, to see how He rise and fall and his work of undescribe-able photographs.

There's not much chance for us to take those photographs in the modern days like now but at least, we are always inspired by the masters of old time who took photography into their life, they are always surrounded by assignments and documentations of human life, so that we can have the chance to appreciate their work.

The cover of the documentary

The most iconic photograph of the Spanish Civil War, a man upon his death after getting a shot, was captured by Capa.

Photo credit: By late Robert Capa 

The most brutal scene of world war II, the Normandy landing (D-Day). Capa chose to follow these troops for the second wave of landing. Out of the hundreds over exposures, only Eleven remains due to an accident in a photo lab back in London. The eleven photographs told the whole story. The heaviest casualties occured during this day. These shots are taken under heavy firing. Imagine yourself in those situation.

Photo credit: By late Robert Capa 

While these troops were heading to the beach, a lot already died before they even reach there. Those times at war.

Photo credit: By late Robert Capa

Have a nice day peeps. :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Light up the lantern, save Jalan Sultan

Well, Jalan Sultan has been around for quite sometime now, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, Petaling Street to be exact. Recently some dumb asses are trying to rob the last few pieces of heritage off by the reason of a dumb MRT project for the sake of "Development". At least some of the people took the effort to show 'em what the power of the people can do. We never hope it will end like this, we hope there's continuation, to spread the news, to share with friends, that these heritage will remain for our generation and the next, to look at, to appreciate what our ancestors had left for us. Enough of the talking, more of the photos.

The traffic police was kind enough to maintain proper traffic

a huge crowd of people gathered at the court

Light up the lantern, save Jalan Sultan

our future generation

Wall arts

Lion dance

a dance performance featuring the song "starry starry night"

Prayers done by different religious representatives

a very conceptual dance by the butoh dancer.

a famous local artist with his most famous song

the event ends with the singing of Negaraku, our national anthem

Basically that's all for the event that night, a very special form of rally to show that Malaysian are actually well educated and peace lovers. Hope these can make a change to the current decision that those dumb asses are trying to make.